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Oral Abstracts Session
Organ Xenotransplantation: Heart & Lung

Thursday September 23, 2021 | 15:00 to 16:15

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We will have two Q&A discussion during the oral sessions
One after the first 3 presentations and one at the end of the Session.


Dr. Zahra Habibabady, United States
Detection of erythrocyte fragmentation during organ perfusion with human blood using Imaging flow cytometry

Dr. Margaret Connolly, United States
Lung and liver platelet sequestration is attenuated by humanization of von Willebrand factor in ex vivo xenoperfusion studies

Dr. Franziska Pollok, United States
Ischemia minimization significantly reduces pig myocardial injury during human blood perfusion in an ex vivo working heart model

Corbin E. Goerlich, United States
Comparison of Crystalloid Cardioplegia, Blood Cardioplegia and Non-ischemic Continuous Preservation on Graft Dysfunction in Life-supporting Cardiac Xenotransplantation

Dr. Maren Mokelke, Germany
Assessment of hemodynamic parameters by transpulmonary thermodilution in orthotopic pig-to baboon cardiac xenotransplantation

Prof. Paolo Brenner, Germany
Role of perioperative cardiac xenograft dysfunction (PCXD) in the (life-supporting) orthotopic (oXHTx) and heterotopic (htXHTx) cardiac xenotransplantation (XT) baboon model on the way to a clinical trial

Dr. Avneesh Singh, United States
Human thrombomodulin expression on genetically modified donor pigs is correlated with long term survival in orthotopic cardiac xenotransplantation