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Oral Abstracts Session
Enabling Methods/Technologies in Transplantation

Saturday September 25, 2021 | 15:50 to 17:05

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We will have two Q&A discussion during the oral sessions
One after the first 3 presentations and one at the end of the Session.


Mr. Kyungmin Kwak, Korea
Comparison of islet isolation result and clinical applicability according to GMP-grade collagenase enzyme blend in adult porcine islet isolation and culture

Dr. Giuseppe Pettinato, United States
Noninvasive Monitoring of Liver Organoid Differentiation with Raman Spectroscopy

Mr. Paul Wang, United States
Desktop 19F MRI scanner for making oxygen measurements within islet macroencapsulation devices in vivo

Carmen Gonelle-Gispert, Switzerland
Platelet-derived TGFβ1: Assessment of its role in liver regeneration in mice

Dr. Beate Rieblinger, Germany
Strategies for precise placement of xenoprotective transgenes

Mr. Anthony Calhoun, United States
Ischemia minimization reduces cardiac xenograft injury during ex vivo xenoperfusion after cold pre-perfusion

Miss Elisabeth Neumann, Germany
Medical training of baboons after orthotopic cardiac xenotransplantation