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Oral Abstracts Session
Organ Xenotransplantation: Heart & Kidney

Friday September 24, 2021 | 23:35 to 00:50

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We will have two Q&A discussion during the oral sessions
One after the first 3 presentations and one at the end of the Session.


Dr. David A Faber, United States
Prolonged survival in pig-to-nonhuman primate renal xenotransplantation using a clinically relevant anti-CD40 monoclonal antibody

Dr. Takayuki Hirose, United States
Graft Survival of The Kidney Xenografts with Triple Xenoantigen Knockout and Multiple Human Transgenes in Cynomolgus Monkeys

Dr. Mohamed H Bikhet, United States
Initial experience of orthotopic transplantation of genetically-engineered pig hearts in baboons

Muhammad M. Mohiuddin, United States
Select Life-Supporting Multi-Gene Cardiac Xenografts from Swine Demonstrate Survival >8 months in Baboons, with Implications for Human Clinical Trials

Peter Hanna, United States
Examination of Life-Supporting Multi-Gene Cardiac Xenografts with GHRKO Reveals Contributors to Post-Transplantation Xenograft Growth

Gheorghe Braileanu, United States
Presence of regulatory T cells in the xenograft is associated with long term survival in orthotopic cardiac xenotransplantation

Tianshu Zhang, United States
Triple Carbohydrate Knockout Grafts are not Sufficient for Long-term Survival in Life-Supporting Cardiac Xenotransplantation