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DAY 1: Opening and Plenary Session

12:00 - 13:10 View Novel Technologies for Transplantation
Jeff W.M. Bulte, United States
Clinically applicable non-invasive tracking of transplanted cells
Stephen Strom, Sweden
Ex vivo gene editing of hepatocytes for transplantation

Thematic Break

13:10 - 13:25 View Agnes Azimzadeh Tribute Session
Our friend and colleague Agnès Azimzadeh, passed away on March 15, 2021, after a courageous battle with intestinal cancer. Join us for this tribute session to remember her accomplishments and celebrating her life. The session will be conducted by Dr. Richard N. Pierson III

Parallel Sessions

13:25 - 14:30 View Therapies for Liver Disease – Replacement, Repair or Regeneration?
Kefeng Dou, People's Republic of China
Liver xenotransplantation
Stefania Bruno, Italy
Extracellular vesicles to repair the diseased liver
Hans Clevers, Netherlands
Prospects for liver regeneration
13:25 - 14:30 View Moving to the Clinic: Issues and barriers
Dominic Dwyer, Australia
The origins of COVID-19
Tanja Opriessnig, United Kingdom
COVID-19 and Xenotransplantation
Luz A. Padilla, United States
Public and patient opinions on xenotransplantation and cell therapy

Live Discussion Rooms

14:30 - 15:00 View Women in Science and Research
Megan Sykes, United States
Norma Sue Kenyon, United States
Join us for an informal and spontaneous discussion on the unique challenges faced by women in developing a career in science and research. Hear the perspectives from our esteemed panelists who will share how they forged their own scientific path and transition to a leadership position.
14:30 - 15:00 View Exchange of Experiences by Young Investigators for Young Investigators
Jerome Duisit, Belgium
Transplantation Surgery Panelist
Andrea Peloso, Switzerland
General Surgery Panelist
Giuseppe Pettinato, United States
Biology Panelist
Peggy Stock, Germany
Biology Panelist
Amish Asthana, United States
Bio-Engineering Panelist
Melinda Yorgun, Germany
Medical Student Perspective Panelist
An interactive session that will focus on career options and development in transplantation research. We invite all delegates in their early career as well as the most senior ones to join the session and share their experiences and views

Oral Abstract Sessions

15:00 - 16:15 View Organ Xenotransplantation: Heart & Lung
Zahra Habibabady, United States
Detection of erythrocyte fragmentation during organ perfusion with human blood using Imaging flow cytometry
Margaret Connolly, United States
Lung and liver platelet sequestration is attenuated by humanization of von Willebrand factor in ex vivo xenoperfusion studies
Franziska Pollok, United States
Ischemia minimization significantly reduces pig myocardial injury during human blood perfusion in an ex vivo working heart model
Corbin E. Goerlich, United States
Comparison of Crystalloid Cardioplegia, Blood Cardioplegia and Non-ischemic Continuous Preservation on Graft Dysfunction in Life-supporting Cardiac Xenotransplantation
Maren Mokelke, Germany
Assessment of hemodynamic parameters by transpulmonary thermodilution in orthotopic pig-to baboon cardiac xenotransplantation
Paolo Brenner, Germany
Role of perioperative cardiac xenograft dysfunction (PCXD) in the (life-supporting) orthotopic (oXHTx) and heterotopic (htXHTx) cardiac xenotransplantation (XT) baboon model on the way to a clinical trial
Avneesh Singh, United States
Human thrombomodulin expression on genetically modified donor pigs is correlated with long term survival in orthotopic cardiac xenotransplantation
15:00 - 16:15 View Islet Transplantation: Allo & Xeno
Adwin Thomas, Australia
Efficacy and safety of relevant immunosuppression in non-human primate neonatal islet cell cluster xenotransplantation
Shinichi Matsumoto, Japan
Long-term (average 10 years) microbiological safety of encapsulated neonatal porcine islet transplantation
Yi Wang, People's Republic of China
Transplantation of encapsulated rat and porcine islet combining alginate and poly- ethylene-imine into the retroperitoneal space achieves prolonged normoglycemia in diabetic mice (Recording presenter: Qi Zhang)
Kieran Purich, Canada
Uncovering the porcine insulin secretion pathway
Ibrahim Fathi, Japan
A preliminary study of decellularized whole-organ pre-vascularization: a novel approach for organogenesis
Giuseppe Pietro Basta, Italy
New abstract graft (TX) of co-microencapsulated human umbilical cord-derived mesenchymal stem (hUCMS) and human pancreatic islet-derived insulin producing cells (hIDC) for treatment of experimental type 1 diabetes
Jeffrey H Lawson, United States
A Pancreatic Islet Transplantation Approach using an Acellular Vessel

Industry Symposium

16:20 - 17:05 View What Results from Pig-To-Nonhuman Primate Renal Transplant Studies Will Support Progression Into Human Clinical Studies?
Daniel Firl, United States
Measuring Success In Pig To Non-Human-Primate Renal Xenotransplantation: Systematic Review And Meta-Analysis Of A Quarter Century Of Life Sustaining NHP Renal Allo- And Xeno-Transplantation
Jean Kwun, United States
Xeno Kidney Transplantation in Highly Sensitized NHP Model
Andrew B. Adams, United States
Progress in Kidney Xenotransplantation

Mini-Oral Sessions

17:05 - 17:40 View Mini-Oral on Cells, Islets and Misc Topics
Shuji Miyagawa, Japan
CPISPR / Cas3 system for pig Gal-T (GGTA1)
Lisha Mou, People's Republic of China
Single-cell landscape of syngeneic and allogeneic islet grafts in diabetic mice
Zhen Geng, People's Republic of China
International Human Xenotransplantation Inventory: A 10-year follow-up
Arthur A Cross-Najafi, United States
Natural killer cell tolerance: Relevance to xenotransplantation
Joachim Denner, Germany
Rare release of human-tropic porcine endogenous retroviruses (PERVs) from pigs, including Göttingen Minipigs
17:05 - 18:00 View Mini-Oral on Xeno Topics
Taylor M Coe, United States
Initial Experience with Ischemia Free Liver Xenotransplantation in a Genetically Modified Pig to Non-Human-Primate Model
Daniel J Cloonan, United States
GPIb and GPIIb/IIIa Co-Inhibition to Reduce Consumptive Thrombocytopenia in Porcine Ex Vivo Liver Xenograft Perfusion with Human Blood
Julia Radan, Germany
Pleural effusions after orthotopic cardiac xenotransplantation
Matthias Längin, Germany
Transthoracic echocardiography is a simple tool for size matching in cardiac xenotransplantation
Undine Schubert, Germany
Generation of an optimized islet preparation for encapsulation purposes using neonatal donor sources
Carolin Heller, Germany
Q&A discussion in replacement for Undine Schubert
Kevin J. Lopez, United States
Disrupting porcine UL-Binding Protein does not significantly reduce human NK cell activation in an in vitro model
Bjoern Petersen, Germany
Generation of a double knockout (GGTA1/CMAH)/ 5- transgenic (hCD46/hCD55/hCD59/hA20/hHO-1) pig model for xenotransplantation
Evelyn J. Salvaris, Australia
Characterization of transgenic pigs expressing an anti-CD2 monoclonal antibody. A continuing quest for the ideal islet donor
Stephen Butler, United States
Single step transfection to generate multigene edits in swine for xenotransplantation
Mihail Magdei, Germany
Efficacy of antigen removal by decellularization – a comparative study with conditioned sheep sera
18:00 - 18:10 View Closing and Next Day's Highlights